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The largest liquidity mining initiative on Arbitrum, titled “I-Still-Feel-Summer”, will launch on 9pm UTC+8, on Sep 14th, 2021. The initiative will accelerate the onboarding of dForce’s full suite of DeFi services onto Arbitrum — lending, native multicurrency stablecoin (USX, EUX) as well as synthetic assets (stock, commodity synthetics). The protocols are already deployed and fully functional at the time of writing.

The “I-Still-Feel-Summer” liquidity mining program will kick off with DF, dForce’s native token, as liquidity mining incentives for its lending protocol. …

We are glad to announce our $50m liquidity mining program on Arbitrum, the largest initiative on Arbitrum so far. Similar to our initiatives on Ethereum and BSC, the program will focus on incentivizing lending and borrowing of major cryptos, minting of USX/EUX and liquidity provision for our synthetic assets.

Please be noted that the incentive rewards are given out in dForce governance token, DF token (which is liquidly traded across dozens of exchanges, including Binance, Huobi, Uniswap, Pancakeswap etc), also be noted that DF hasn’t been bridged to Arbitrium (due to technical restriction of current bridge), so the liquidity mining…

Welcome to dForce’s Ecosystem Report! August has been another action-packed month for dForce and this report will walk you through what happened.


Total supply across dForce ecosystem achieved $156.6m in August, representing a MoM increase of $62.6m or 66.5% from July.

What is dForce?

dForce advocates for building an integrated and interoperable DeFi protocol matrix, covering lending (global liquidity pool and yield markets), assets (multi-currency overcollateralized stablecoins, synthetic assets, etc), and trading (aggregator).

dForce’s core protocol — dForce Lending & Synthetic Asset Protocol has been deployed on Arbitrum mainnet as one of early adopters of this vibrant ecosystem while dForce users would benefit from the faster transaction speeds and lower gas fees.

How to use dForce Lending & Synthetic Asset Protocol on Arbitrum?

Initially, dForce Lending & Synthetic Asset Protocol on Arbitrum supports five assets: USDC, ETH, WBTC, as well as…

dForce and Liqee are teaming up to introduce liquid staking assets to DeFi lending.

Liqee will utilize dForce’s smart contract to power its lending market and integrate with USX stablecoin natively, so it could further leverage our existing lending pools and liquidity, hence the TVL of both projects are integrated. There are a number of other synergies across our protocol matrix. Liqee will allocate 15% of its LQE tokens to DF token stakers (detail to be disclosed), this is a strong indication of interest alignment between the two projects.

The partnership with Liqee demonstrates dForce’s new attempt to further scale…

July Highlight

· dForcians Assemble! dForce Genesis NFT Airdrop Opens on

We are excited to announce that we are joining hands with Immunefi for dForce Bug Bounty!

As more users rush in to utilize dForce Lending & Synthetic Assets Protocol, we continue to strive for new ways to ensure maximum security for dForce users. Previously, we engaged with 4 top global audit firms to audit our lending and synthetic asset protocols: Trail of Bits, ConsenSys Diligence, CertiK, and Certora (for formal verification) and we’re also actively engaging with white hats for bug hunting. All major vulnerabilities identified up to this point have been fixed. …

With DeFi yield squeezed across the board, we thought it’s about time to introduce some high-yield staking assets to DeFi. dForce plans to introduce an innovative market to address the un-tapped market opportunity of liquid staking tokens, which equates to roughly about half trillion dollars in market size.

dForce is the first lending protocol supporting Staking Yield Token with a dedicated pool, enabling holders of PoS staking tokens to:

1) receive staking yields ranging currently from 5% ~ 15% APY;

2) access 24/7 transferable underlying tokens without compromising yields on the staked assets;

3) participate in DeFi lending activities to…

Welcome back to dForce Ecosystem Report where we recap the month of June 2021 and preview what’s to come in Q3 2021.


Since the release of dForce Lending & Synthetic Asset Protocol on June 2, 2021, total assets across dForce Network on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) achieved $125 million, with $81 million total accumulated borrow and $18 million total trading volume.

Currently, dForce is the 2nd largest lending platform on BSC in terms of total outstanding loan of $30.3 million (total borrowed & total minted).

Total accrued fees across dForce network (Ethereum & BSC) recorded $50k in the…

We are excited to announce that dForce has joined Asia DeFi Network to accelerate the development of DeFi in Asia. Mindao Yang, Founder of dForce, will also serve the role of Mentor to share his expertise and guidance to support the growth and development of mentees.

Launched by LongHash Ventures, Asia DeFi Network fosters collaboration between leading DeFi protocols and investors in the East and the West while developing cutting-edge research on DeFi-native topics such as tokenomics and governance. We expect this partnership with ADN will bring strategic business opportunities, including institutional liquidity bootstrapping, partnership expansions, and ecosystem building. …


An integrated and interoperable open finance protocol matrix

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