dForce (DF) Liquidity Mining [Oct 17- Oct 26]

DF reward for dForce (DF) Liquidity Mining from Oct 17 to Oct 26 will see an adjustment as follows. We will implement a stablecoin swap pool soon, and part of the reduced DF will be added into the new pool. Champagne Tower Pool and $GOLDx Rush Pool lasts from 22:00 UTC+8, Oct 19 to 22:00 UTC+8, Oct 26; Singularity Pool from 22:00 UTC+8, Oct 17 to 22:00 UTC+8, Oct 24.


1. For those who want to continue mining DF, your staked assets will be rolled over automatically and no actions required from existing miners.

2. In the coming week, unstake claim for Singularity Pool will be 12 hours.

3. Miners of Singularity Pool can unstake and get back your pledged assets (UNI-V2 LP share token) from 10:00 UTC+8, Oct 17 to 22:00 UTC+8, Oct 17 if you would like to exit dForce (DF) yield farming.

4. Pledged assets (UNI-V2 LP share token) supplied to Singularity Pool will be locked up for 1 week (till 22:00 UTC+8, Oct 24), before you are able to unstake and get your collaterals back.

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