dForce Singularity Pool (Pool 3) Rewards Adjustment

2 min readAug 10, 2020


dForce (DF) liquidity mining has witnessed a robust growth since launch, with:

· USDx: ~$6 million total supply

· dToken: over $15 million total supply

· GOLDx: over $1.4 million total supply

The Singularity Pool aims to reward participants for providing DF/USDx liquidity on Uniswap, as well as promoting adoption of USDx. We, however, believe it’s necessary to install incentive for DF/ETH, which will further improve DF’s liquidity routing. So, we decided to add incentive for providing DF/ETH liquidity on Uniswap in Singularity pool, users can mine DF by staking your UNI-V2 LP Share Token on dForce Staking Portal starting from 10:00 am UTC+8, Aug 11.

In the following week, the total amount of DF rewards for Singularity Pool remains unchanged (255,000 DF per week) but will be distributed between:

  • DF/USDx: 175,000 DF per week
  • DF/ETH: 80,000 DF per week


  1. Starting from 10:00 am UTC+8, Aug 11, we will kick off week-2 DF distribution for Singularity Pool, which will be split between DF/USDx and DF/ETH pools on Uniswap.
  2. For those who want to continue with DF/USDx mining, your staked assets will be rolled over automatically and no actions required from existing miners. DF rewards will be distributed to you based on the adjusted rewards plan.
  3. Users could unstake and get back your pledged assets (UNI-V2 LP share token) before 10:00 am UTC+8, Aug 11 if you wanted to quit dForce (DF) yield farming.
  4. Pledged assets (UNI-V2 LP share token) supplied to Singularity Pool will be locked up for one week from 10:00 am UTC+8, Aug 11 to 10:00 am UTC+8, Aug 18, before you are able to unstake and get your collaterals back.

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